Lip Ishhh Cosmetics was started to embark on a journey of having a cosmetic line that enhances the beauty of a woman. Lip Ishhh is a dream that turned into a reality, and it’s not just another cosmetics line, “It’s Sophistication With Glam!!”

We ensured to create a brand where our products are 100% Vegan, Organic, and Cruelty-Free. Lip Ishhh Cosmetics has you covered with boldness, sexiness, and extra confidence; with our everyday wear selection of matte lipsticks, lip gloss, press-on nails, lashes, and lip scrubs.

Our products were aimed and set out to be made for every woman of every complexion. When stepping out on the scene, we don’t want to just enhance the beauty already presented, but ensuring you feel comfortable, look good, and stand out from the rest. Best believe when wearing Lip Ishhh, the people are going to noticeably pause when you walk in the room.
Jade Hughes, C.E.O.